Paul Hensley - 1934-2013

- In Memory Of -


Founder & CEO
Hensley Fabricating & Equipment Co., Inc.

Paul Hensley, Founder and CEO of Hensley Fabricating & Equipment Company, passed away on November 19, 2013 in his home surrounded by his loving family.
Paul Hensley and his wife Joyce started Hensley Fabricating & Equipment Co. in 1962 in Tippecanoe, Indiana. They designed and manufactured equipment for the Feed and Grain Industry and shipped equipment all across the United States.  In 1988, they began building bulk feed bodies and trailers, and today, Hensley feed trailers are running across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America and Australia. The main reason for the success of Hensley’s, according to Paul, was because The Lord had blessed it. “I couldn’t have done this on my own” Paul said many times. He always talked about how God gave him the knowledge to accomplish what he did, and he never took any credit for it’s success, but always gave credit to The Lord for everything. In 1972, Paul began serving The Lord and was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ for the remainder of his life. Paul’s faith in God guided him through his personal life and business affairs and allowed him to accomplish all
that he did. Paul, being a very humble man, never bragged about his success, but always gave the glory to God. Through honesty, integrity and honor, Paul touched the lives of so many around him. Paul never led a life of extravagance, and he always made sure that his family and employees were taken care of.  Paul loved life; he was an avid sportsman, camper, lover of the outdoors and one who loved to travel, especially to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Paul was also a “Silent” giver, many times making sure someone in need was taken care of without them knowing it was him. He believed in modesty and humility, and because of that, a life of legacy was left behind so that others may follow in his footsteps. The things that Paul wanted to leave to his family, friends, employees and acquaintances was not money or things; it was values, faith in Jesus Christ and love for your fellow man. Paul Hensley will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.