Hensley Generation X™ LCG Bulk Feed Trailers

If you’re looking for a stable, roll-over accident reducing Low Center of Gravity (LCG) bulk feed trailer, the Hensley Generation X™ is the trailer for you. With improved fuel economy of over 1½ MPG and capacities matching that of comparable tandem axle trailers, the patented Hensley Generation X™ bulk feed trailer delivers unmatched performance and handling.

The Hensley Generation X™ is available in a wide range of capacities, auger sizes, compartment sizes and axle configurations. Auger systems available are The Hensley 12-15-12 Super Auger, the Hensley 9-12-9 Auger System and the 9-12-9 High Performance, which Hensley first offered in 2014.

  • Capacities available between 1200-2000
    cubic foot capacity.
  • Single axle, closed tandem, spread tandem and
    triple axle configurations are available.
  • Compartments sizes range from 4-10.
  • True Vertical and slant style augers are available.

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment